Net Zero Heating Show

Episode 9: An interview with Emma Morris

May 03, 2023 Grant UK Episode 9
Net Zero Heating Show
Episode 9: An interview with Emma Morris
Show Notes

Join Matthew Beales, Regional Sales Manager at Grant UK, as he interviews one of the leading female figures in the sustainable heating sector – Emma Morris, Underfloor Heating and Renewables Sales Consultant at E. Tupling distributors. In this episode, Matthew chats with Emma to learn more about her career, some of the challenges she has faced and her outlook on the industry in the years to come. 

What’s discussed: 

  • Emma’s career so far – how it started & a typical day in her current role
  • A look at the heating sector – what has changed & what needs to change
  • Working towards Net Zero & the support needed 

Useful resources:
Grant UK deliver an extensive range of free online training for merchants and other heating professionals via the Grant eLearning Academy – follow the link here to read more: And to discover their full range of sustainable heating products, please visit

Emma Morris started working in the heating sector in 2017 and now specialises in renewables in her role at Tuplings where she provides support to merchants and their customers on air source heat pumps and renewable installation projects. She is currently training to be a gas engineer and is also aiming to be a fully qualified renewable heating engineer within the next eighteen months. 

This episode was recorded on 31st March 2023.